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Accucraft UK Ltd

Unit 8, Mynd Industrial Estate

Crossways, Church Stretton

Shropshire SY6 6EA

Tel/Fax: ++44 (0) 1694 723799

Happy New Year! Rather belatedly to be sure but this update benefits from the latest news about shipments that have arrived or are due to arrive in our warehouse. As we move into 2013 we anticipate another year of challenges for the hobby but strong demand for Accucraft products throughout 2012 has continued and we hope your sales will be as buoyant this year.
Despite stable prices for over three years and regular promotion in these bulletins, sales of American stock have only grown slowly. In consequence we will be undertaking a full review of this side of our UK and European business and would appreciate your feedback. If necessary a reappraisal of the way in which we reach these markets may be required.
Owing to an over-stock situation we are able to offer an amazing deal on 1:20.3 scale Denver & Rio Grande Western Jackson Sharp coaches and combines.  If you order a pack of four Jackson Sharp coaches in the D & RGW “Bumble Bee” double stripe livery (AM54-015 or AM54-016) which normally carry a UK RRP of £960.00, we’ll throw in a combine (AM54-025, normal UK RRP £250.00) for a total price of £1050.00 – a saving of £160.00 for your customers!

With news that Accucraft (US) are going to release the Union Pacific ‘Big Boys’ in February comes word that they are adding a further running number to the batch, #4014 (part number AL97-396). The reason for this is that this is the locomotive that is most likely to be selected for a return to steam sponsored by Union Pacific. None of the ‘Big Boys’ have run since withdrawal from service and to see one of them in action again would be truly awesome. Production of the 1:32 live steam model is going to be on a strictly limited basis so we suggest you let your customers know that they will be here this spring.

We have been discounting these coaches to our dealers for nearly two years now and think it is time that the general public were made aware of this saving. Our February website newsletter will carry news of the revised pricing so make sure you have enough stock to cope with demand!

It is increasingly clear that demand for Accucraft (UK) models is beginning to outstrip supply and that batches of locos in particular are likely to be pre-sold before they arrive at our warehouse. We are moving to a ‘little & often’ approach to production to try to help this situation but the days when we had supplies available ‘off the shelf’ have gone. To ensure that you have adequate inventory please use the stock production information we supply you with to place forward orders.
Ragleths’ – we still have some power units in stock.
B4’s – these are sold out. Delivery has been delayed by an apparent worldwide shortage of miniature pressure gauges!
Isle of Man four-wheel coaches – R19-10’s are now sold out and the rest of these are getting low.
Lew’ – radio control fitted models are being sent out as they are equipped but given that more than half the batch requires this work it is taking a while to get through them all – please be patient. We are still taking orders for the second run, due later this year.
Lynton & Barnstaple bogie goods vehicles – have arrived and been sent on. R19-9’s, the L & B bogie brakes, are now completely sold out and stock of R19-12B’s is also getting low.
Welshpool & Llanfair cattle vans – are now sold out and will be shipped to you at the end of January. Please ensure your account is up to date to facilitate immediate delivery.
Welshpool & Llanfair Pickering coaches in GWR and green & cream livery – the latter are pre-selling well.
7/8ths scale Quarry Hunslet – the batch is now completely pre-sold.
Be aware of the ‘red’ alerts – these items are already approaching a sold out or low stock situation and may not be available ‘off the shelf’.

British items:
L&B Coaches (3rd Class & Brake) – In Stock

L&B Coaches (Compo & Obs) – In Stock

I O M 4 Wheel Coaches – In Stock

L&B Bogie Brake Van – Sold Out

L&B Bogie Goods Wagon – In Stock

W&L Cattle Van – January 2013

W&L Open Wagons – In Stock

7/8ths Scale Quarry Hunslet – March 2013

1:32 LSWR/SR/BR B4 0-4-0T – February 2012

W&L Pickering Coaches – Q2 2013

1:32 A3 ‘Flying Scotsman’ Live Steam – 2013

Lew (live steam) – (2nd Batch) Q3 2013
American items:
Pennsylvania T-1 – Available

Whitcomb 45T Diesel – Available

D&RGW JS coaches & combines - Available

D&RGW C-25 - Available

Bethgon coal porters – January 2013

PS1 box cars – January 2013

UP Big Boy – February 2013

Emma 0-4-0ST – March 2013

Dora 0-4-0T - April

D&RGW K-37 – May 2013

RGS Goose #4 – April 2013

SP M6 2-6-0 – April 2013

Allegheny 2-6-6-6 - 2013

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