A. abaciscus: a small square tablet abactor

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Glossary of Latin Words
Found in Records and Other English Manuscripts, But
Not Occurring in Classical Authors.
abaciscus: a small square tablet.

abactor: a cattle lifter, who steals sheep or cattle in herds, not singly.

abacus: a calculating board; and hence, arithmetic; a sideboard; a cupboard.

abandonnare: to permit or forbid by proclamation.

abandonum, abandum: anything sequestered, proscribed, pledged, or abandoned.

abarnare: to prove, legally, a secret crime.

abastardare: to bastardize.

abaso: an infirmary.

abatamentum: an entry by interposition.

abatare: to beat down; to defeat a writ or appeal; to enter into property void by death of the possessor before the heir takes possession.

abatis: an officer who distributes corn, an avener or hostler; a ration of corn.

abator: a person who by interposition enters into property.

abatudus: diminished, esp. clipped, as money.

abbas: an abbot.

abbatatus: the office of abbot.

abbatia, abbathia: an abbey; the office of abbot.

abbatis. See abatis.

abbatissa: an abbess.

abbatizare: to be abbot.

abbayum: a milldam.

abbettamentum: abetment.

abbettare, abettare: to abet; to instigate.

abbettator: an abbettor.

abbettum: abetment.

abbottare: to abut, or bound.

abbreviamentum: an abridgement.

abbreviare: to abridge.

abbrocamentum: abbrochment, or forestalling a market or fair.

abbrocator: a forestaller; a broker.

abbuttare: to abut.

abcariare: to carry away.

abdicare: to renounce an office before the term of service has expired.

abditorium: a chest for keeping plate or relics.

abecedarium: an alphabet.

abecedarius: a scholar learning to read.

abecula: the back of a sword or knife.

aberemurdrum: manifest murder.

abettare, &c. See abbettare, &c.

abeyantia: abeyance. Property is in abeyance when it is in the expectation, in the intendment of the law, not in actual possession.

abgatoria, abgetorium: the alphabet; rudiments of a science.

abhaeres: a future holder of property, not the next heir.

abiaticus: a nephew (aviaticus).

abigevus: a cattle stealer. See abactor.

abjectire: to be non-suited; to make default.

abjudicare: to take away by judicial sentence.

abjurare: to renounce the realm for ever.

ablactatus: weaned.

ablatum: a wafer. O.E. obley (oblata).

abra: a maidservant.

abrenunciatio: renunciation.

abrocagium: brokerage.

abrocarius: a broker.

abrogabilis: fit to be repealed.

absconcius: a casket.

absconsa: a dark lantern; a sconce.

absis: an apse; a church porch.

absolutionis dies: Maundy Thursday.

absoniare: to shun, or avoid.

abutare. See abbuttare.

acatum. See accatum.

accalvaster: bald in front.

accannellare: to chamfer.

accapitare, accaptare: to pay a relief.

accapitis, accapitum, accaptamentum: a relief.

accatum: an acquisition.

accearium: steel.

accendile: a lamp or candle wick.

acceptilatio: discharge, acquitance.

acceptor: a hawk.

acceptor de arbore: a brancher.

acceptor de pertica: a hawk off the perch.

acceptor domitus: a reclaimed hawk.

acceptor intra clavem repositus: a hawk in the mew.

acceptor mutatus: a mewed hawk.

acceptoricius canis: a spaniel used for falconry.

accessorius: guilty of a felonious offence, non principally, but by participation.

accidia: sloth.

accidinetum: gorse.

acciptrarius: a falconer.

accitulium: cuckoo sorrel.

acclaudicare: to lame, esp. a horse, with bad shoeing.

accola: a colonist; a cultivator of land where he was not born.

accompliamentum: accomplishment.

accrescendi jus: right of increase.

acedia: melancholy.

acega: a woodcock (scolopax rusticola).

acellarius: "a spenser," cellarer.

acentus: increase.

acerrum, acerum: steel.

aceta: a snipe, or woodcock.

achaptare. See accapitare.

achatum: purchase, bargain.

achersetus: a measure of corn, conjectured to be a quarter.

achevare: to finish.

acitula: henbane.

acolabium: a farm, a tenement.

acoluthus: an acolyte. O.E. a colet.

acopatus. See acupatus.

acordum: accord; assent.

acquestra: acquisition.

acquietantia: a discharge in writing, of money paid or debt due; quittance.

acquietare: to pay; to free or discharge.

acquirere, adquirere: to purchase; to acquit.

acra: an acre of land; a judicial combat, holm gang.

acra anglicana: 20 English acres in the reign of Richard I are said to be equal to 22 acres.

acroisia: blindness. For aorisia.

actachiare. See attachiare.

actilia: armour and weapons; gear. See atilium.

actio: a legal demand of a right.

actionare: to prosecute.

acto: a haqueton, a padded or quilted tunic worn under the mail.

actor: a proctor or advocate in civil courts.

actor dominicus: the bailiff or attorney of a lord.

actor ecclesiae: the advocate or pleading patron of a church.

actor villae: the steward or head bailiff of a town or village.

actornatus. See attornatus.

actuarius: the clerk who registers the acts of convocation.

acuarium: a needle case.

acucio: sharpening.

aculus, acula: an aglet, a metal tag.

acupatus: charged with (adculpatus).

acuperium: a whetstone.

acupictor: an embroiderer.

acusile: a trinket.

acustumabilis, acustumatus: liable to custom.

acustumare: to exact custom; to exempt from custom.

acuta: ague.

acutecula: a steel; a hone.

ad. Sometimes used for "at" not "to" a place.

adalingus: an etheling.

adaquare: to water (cattle); to drown.

adaquarium: a watering place.

adasia: a ewe.

adbreviare: to abridge.

adcredulitare: to purge oneself of an accusation by oath.

addictio: used for additio.

additio: a title setting forth a person's estate, degree, trade, &c.

addresciare, addressare: to redress; to restore; to make amends for; to render account of.

adirare: to lose.

adiratus: a compensation for goods lost or stolen.

adjacentia: neighbourhood; a thing near other.

adjectire: to cite.

adjornamentum, adjurnamentum: adjournment, putting off to another day or place.

adjornare: to adjourn.

adjudicatio: pronouncing a judgment or decree.

adjurnare: to adjourn.

adlegiare: to purge oneself of a crime by oath. (Fr. aleier.)

admensuratio: admeasurement, a writ for remedy against persons who usurp more than their share.

adminiculum, adminiculatio: aid, support.

admiraldus: an admiral.

admiraldus: sometimes used for emeraldus.

admiralis: an admiral.

admiralitas: admiralty.

admiralius, admirallus: an admiral.

admiravisus: an emir vizier.

admissionalis: an usher.

admissivus: an usher.

admonitor: a watch dog, "a wappe."

adnichilare, adnullare: to annul.

adquietare. See acquietare.

adramire. See arramire.

adrectare: to do right; to make amends.

adresciare. See addresciare.

adsecurare. See assecurare.

adulterinus: unlawful, esp. of castles and guilds.

adunare: to collect.

aduncare: to draw with a hook.

advallacio anguillarum: eelbucks.

advanciamentum: advancement.

advantagium: advantage; the right of the lord to redeem a fief removed by the vassal from his lordship.

adventale: a ventail or visor.

adventare: to arrive.

adventura: an adventure, or venture.

adventurare: to adventure, or venture.

adventurarius: an adventurer.

adventus: casual profit.

adversaria: memoranda.

advisamentum: advice; consideration.

advisare: to advise.

advocare: to advow; to vouch; to justify an act done; to avow, i.e. in boroughs, to falsely allege that goods belong to a freeman so as to evade duty.

advocaria: avowry; the justification of having taken a distress, when the party sues forth a replevin.

advocatia: an advowson.

advocatio: advowson, the right of presentation to an ecclesiastical benefice; allegation of protection or authority.

advocator: a voucher; a pleader.

advocatus: a counsellor or pleader; patron of a church, avowee, advowee, vouchee; protector of a community.

aedituus: a verger, a keeper of relics.

Aegyptiacus, Aegyptius: a gypsy.

aeraria, aeria: an eyry, a nest, usually of hawks.

aerarius: nesting

aereus, aerius: sky blue.

aericius canis. See herecius.

aerrarius. See aerarius.

aesnescia. See esnecia.

affadilla: a daffodil.

affeagium. See affidagium.

afferamentum: affeerment, assessment.

afferare: to assess a fine.

afferator: an affeerer, a person who assesses fines in courts leet and courts baron.

affeteiare: to break or train hounds or hawks.

affeyteiare. See affeteiare.

affidagium: assurance; safety.

affidare: to certify; to swear fealty; to affiance; a term used at the game of tables.

affidatio: an oath.

affidatus, affidus: one who has pledged his faith to another.

affilare: to put on a file with.

affilatorium: a steel, a hone.

affina: a workshop.

affinare: to fine (gold); to finish.

affirmare: to let to farm.

affodillus: a daffodil.

afforare: to appraise.

afforciamentum: a fortress; compulsion; the coercive power of a Court.

afforciare: to increase or make stronger; to compel.

afforciatus: pure, unadulterated. Applied to cloth and other goods.

afforestare: to turn land into forest.

affra. See affrus.

affraia: an affray.

affraiare: to frighten.

affrectamentum, affretamentum: freight.

affrectare, affretare: to freight.

affriare: to frighten.

affrus: an ox or horse for farm work, usually a horse.

affuramentum. See afferamentum.

agalauda: a plover, probably a pewit.

agalma: an image on a seal.

agaseus: a gazehound.

agellarius: a hayward; a herdward.

agellus: a hamlet.

agenda: business; the office of the Mass or other service; a priest's daily office.

agenfrida: a lord or owner.

agerarius: a farmer's dog.

aggreare se: to agree.

agillarius: a hayward or herdward; a keeper of cattle on a common.

agisamentum: a masquerade.

agistamentum: right of pasturage; the sum paid for this right; assignment of it.

agistare: to assign pasturage for cattle, esp. in a forest.

agistatae terrae: lands whose owners are bound to keep up sea walls.

agistator: an agister or gyst taker, an officer who assigns the pasturage in a forest.

agistiamentum. See agistamentum.

agitatio animalium in foresta: the drift or view of beasts in the forest.

agna: a gold coin, 14th cent.

agnatio: lambing.

agnellatio, agnilatio: lambing.

Agnus Dei: an oval piece of white wax, stamped with the figure of a lamb, and consecrated.

agontea: a champion (agonista).

agreamentum: agreement.

agreare se: to agree.

agredula: a titmouse.

agri: arable land in the common fields.

aimellatus: enamelled.

ainescia: the right of the eldest. See esnecia.

aira: an eyrie, the nest of an eagle, a falcon, or a swan.

aisiamentum, aisimentum: liberty of passage; easement.

aisnecca: a ship. (A.S. snace.)

aisya: convenience.

akermannus: a small farmer. (A.S. aecer mon.) Their holding was less than that of the virgatarii, but from comparison of rent must have been more than an acre.

aketonum: a haqueton, a gambeson, a padded or quilted tunic.

ala: the aisle of a church.

alabastarius: a crossbowman (arcubalistarius).

alabrum: a reel.

alamandina: a stone coloured like a garnet.

alanerarius: a keeper of dogs (alans) or hawks (lanners).

alanus: a large hound.

alatera, alatoria, alatorium, alatura: a covered way or walk; a piazza.

alaudarius: a hobby hawk (falco subbuteo).

alba: an alb, a long white tight-sleeved vestment; dawn.

alba firma: a yearly rent payable to the chief lord of the hundred in white money, i.e. silver; white rent, blanch farm.

Albae: the weeks after Easter and Whitsuntide.

albatorium: southernwood.

albergata: the right of lodging in a vassal's house; money paid in lieu thereof.

albergellum, albergio: a habergeon, a tunic of mail shorter than a hauberk.

albesteria: a loophole for shooting through.

albesterius: a crossbowman.

albinus: a foreigner. (O.E. a comeling.)

alblasta: a crossbow (arcubalista).

alblastarius: a crossbowman. See arcubalistarius.

aldermannus: an alderman.

aldermanria: a district under the jurisdiction of an alderman.

alea: a passage, an alley.

alebrodium: a warm drink; broth; caudle.

alecenarium: a lanner (falco lanarius).

alecia (sing.): herrings (clupea harengus).

alecium, alectum: a herring, herrings. On the Continent the word included sardines and anchovies, but probably not in England.

aleium: alloy.

aleptes: a chamberlain.

alficus: a leper.

alfinus: a bishop, at chess.

alfita: flour. Alfita Herbarum is the title of a book.

algorismus: arithmetic.

aliblasterius: a worker in alabaster.

alices: contortions.

alietus: a hobby (falco subbuteo).

aliquilitas: essence.

aliteum: a crime.

alkamia: alcamyne, a mixed metal.

alkanea: alcanet, Spanish bugloss.

alkemonia: alchemy.

allativus: bringing.

allaya, allaia: alloy.

allecia. See alecia.

allectium, allectum. See alecium.

allegiantia: allegiance.

allegiare: to defend or justify by course of law.

alleviare: to levy or pay a fine.

allocabilis: allowable.

allocare: to allow.

allocatio: allowance; award.

allocatus: a proctor.

allodium. See alodium.

allorium. See alura.

allosa: a shad. See alosa.

allota, alluta: cork; cordwain leather.

allottare: to allot.

allox: a toe.

allucium. See allota.

alluminare: to illuminate, to decorate books with colour.

alluminator: a limner, an illuminator.

allutarius. See alutarius.

almaria, almerium: a cupboard; an aumbry. See armaria.

almariolum: a little cupboard.

almicia, almicium. See almucia, amictus.

almonaria: an almonry.

almonarium: a cupboard; an ambrey.

almonarius: an almoner.

almonera, almoneria: an almonry; a pouch or purse from which alms were given.

almucia, almucium: an amess or amuse, a cloth or fur hood worn by canons and monks.

alna: an ell. See ulna.

alnagium: measurement by the ell; duty paid by the ell.

alnetum: a place where alders grow, an alder grove.

aloarius, alodarius: the lord of a free manor.

alodium: a free manor.

alorium. See alura.

alosa: a shad, probably used for both the twaite shad and the allice shad. (Cuvier's alosa finta and alosa communis.)

aloverium: a purse.

alphita. See alfita.

altaragium: altarage; offerings made upon the altar; small tithes.

altarigium. See altaragium.

altarista: a priest assigned to one altar in a church.

altellus: an alien.

altera pars: half.

alterare: to change, alter.

alteratio: alteration.

altile: a fatted beast or fowl; a capon.

altiragium. See altaragium.

alura (Fr. aleur): an alure, a passage, alley; a parapet; a walk behind a parapet; a gutter.

alutarius: a cordwainer; a tanner; a tawyer; dressed leather.

alver: the same as aloverium (?).

alveus: a barge.

alviolum: a maund, a basket.

amalare: to enamel.

amanda: an almond.

amatista: an amethyst.

ambactus: a servant; a client.

ambana: an enclosure round a house; an outbuilding.

ambassiata: an embassy.

amabassiator: an ambassador.

ambidexter: a juror who takes money from both sides; a swindler.

ambis: a vase.

ambisiata. See ambassiata.

ambo: a pulpit, or reading desk.

ambra: a measure of wheat or salt, four bushels; a wine jar; amber.

ambro: bold, greedy; a prodigal.

ambrum: amber.

ambularius: an ambling horse.

ambulatorium: a passage, a gallery.

amelare: to enamel.

amensuramentum: measurement; assessment; estimate.

amensurare: to measure; to assess.

amera: willow.

amerciamentum: a pecuniary punishment.

amerciare: to amerce, fine.

amesuramentum. See amensuramentum.

amicia. See almucia.

amictus: an amice, a linen sacerdotal vestment forming a hood or collar.

amirellus: an admiral.

amittena: a sheeptick.

ammaylare: to enamel.

amminiculum. See adminiculum.

ammobragium, amobragium: a kind of service; a fine; the Welsh form of Mercheta.

amodo: then, afterwards.

amortizamentum: amortization.

amortizare: to alien lands in mortmain, to amortize.

amortizatio: amortization.

amotibilis, amovibilis: removeable.

amphibologia: ambiguity.

amphibolus: a cloak, an overall.

amphistrum: the helm of a ship.

ampliatio: deferring judgment till a cause is further examined.

amplicare: to enlarge.

ampulla: a vessel for holding holy oil; a reliquary.

amullus: some farm animal, a ram (?).

amuntare: to amount.

amuntia: amount.

anabatrum: a curtain.

anachoreta: a hermit; an anchorite.

analogium: a reading desk.

anamelatus: enamelled.
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