625 Broadway, NoHo, nyc dinner menu

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≈ SINCE 1989

625 Broadway, NoHo, NYC

dinner menu

We open everyday at noon for lunch.

Our kitchen closes at 12 midnight Sunday-Thursday

and 2am Fridays and Saturdays, with a special

late-night menu available at the bar until 3:30am.


performances by new york’s best salsa bands

dj’s spinning latin music free salsa dance lessons

thursday 8pm-1am; friday 6pm-4am; saturday 10:30pm-4am

no cover; 21+ with id; dress code on weekends


a monthly showcase of top nyc comedians

the last Wednesday of every month starting at 6pm

doors open at 6pm; $5 cover after 6:30; no drink minimum



twitter: @gonzaleznyc

212-473-8787 gonzalezny@arkrestaurants.com


Tableside Guacamole

prepared fresh at your table, customized to your request 16.25

add chipotle, roasted corn, cotija cheese or mango 2 each

Jalapeño Kisses

pickled jalapeños filled with shrimp and three cheeses, wrapped in bacon

served on a bed of mixed greens with sour cream 8.25

Cebiche Acapulqueño

chilled seafood salad with scallops, shrimp and monkfish marinated in

lime juice and cilantro; topped with fresh salsa small 9/large 13

Alas de Pollo en Fuego °

seven marinated chicken wings topped with salsa ranchera 7

Calamar Frito

cornmeal-crusted, fried calamari served with two dipping sauces:

a creamy chipotle and a salsa ranchera 8.25

Platanos Maduros

fried sweet plantains 5 topped with queso fundido 6.50

Gonzalez Appetizer Platter

a sampler of our most popular appetizers

alas de pollo en fuego, chorizo mini empanadas, empanada de verduras,

cebiche acapulqueño and guacamole with blue corn chips small 11/large 15


Empanadas a la Casa °

two large corn masa empanadas stuffed with ropa vieja, three cheeses

and ancho chile; topped with a chile de arbol salsa 7.25

Empanadas de Verduras °

two large corn masa empanadas filled with mixed vegetables and

cotija cheese; topped with a tomatillo, potato salsa 6.50

Mini Empanadas °

chorizo, three cheeses and chiles (seven pieces) 7

crab, papaya and three cheeses (six pieces) 7

Flautas Adobado

two flute-shaped empanadas filled with chicken and three cheeses

topped with chipotle salsa; served with pico de gallo & guacamole 7.25



Gonzalez Sonoran Nachos °

with pinto beans, three cheeses & fresh jalapeños small 8.25/large 11

add ground beef or chicken small 10.25/large 14

add carne asada or chorizo small 11.25/large 15

Nachos Locos

carnitas, pickled jalapeños, three cheeses, chile de

arbol salsa, pico de gallo and lettuce 9

Garnachos Fiesta

baby shrimp, crab, black beans, three cheeses,

pickled jalapeños, green olives and avocado 10

Chalupas Poblanas

blue corn chips with black beans, three cheeses,

mushrooms, bacon, fresh jalapeños, and avocado 8.25


served with flour tortillas


traditional mexican beef and chile soup (slightly picante) 8.25

Sopa Yucatan

spicy soup with shrimp, spinach and calabazitas 8.25


beef and bean vegetarian chicken and white bean

small 6/large 8 add cheese or jalapeños to your chili $.50 each

° served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo


two large flour tortillas filled with three cheeses and topped

with guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream; cut into six pieces

three cheeses and chiles 10

fresh corn, chiles, tomato and onion 10

grilled chicken, tomato and onion 12

grilled hanger steak 12.50

baby shrimp and salsa verde 13

whole wheat veggie quesadilla

spinach, mushrooms, corn, nopales and poblano chiles 11

gonzalez quesadilla

sliced steak, mushrooms, chipotle, pickled jalapeño and nopales 13



tacos auténticos with chile de arbol salsa, cilantro & red onion

your choice of three 12.50 with mexican rice & black beans 15.50

pollo (chicken)

chorizo (pork sausage)

carnitas (marinated pork)

carne asada (grilled steak)

al pastor (marinated pork with pineapple)

Tacos de Pescado *

three soft corn tortillas filled with fried monkfish,

pico de gallo and a creamy chipotle dressing 18

Tacos Vegetariano *

three soft corn tortillas filled with sauteed nopalitos, onions, zucchini,

spinash, corn and cotija cheese; topped with a chile de arbol salsa 15


Ensalada de la Casa mixed greens, pico de gallo & cheese

tossed with a creamy dijon vinaigrette small 6.25/large 10.25

Ensalada Laredo grilled chicken over greens with avocado, green

peppers, tomatoes, pipian seeds and a red wine vinaigrette 15

Ensalada de Caesar

regular 10 grilled breast of chicken 14

grilled hanger steak 16 grilled jumbo shrimp 17

Ensalada de Aquacate y Tomate avocado, tomato and red onion

salad with a lime vinaigrette 13

Pueblo Taco grilled chicken, avocado, orange, tomato and pepitas

over mixed greens in a hard corn shell 15

Ensalada de Camarones grilled jumbo shrimp, mixed greens and

pico de gallo served with a creamy, dijon vinaigrette 17

Ensalada de Pollo con Mango grilled mango, pineapple and

breast of chicken on a bed of lettuce and fresh corn with

a lime, orange and chile dressing 16


Tostaditas Mi Cantina

three tostadas with chipotle-sautéed calamari,

refried red beans, three cheeses and red onions;

served with guacamole and pico de gallo 10

Camarones en Salsa de Tomatillo

jumbo shrimp sauteed with julienned zucchini, yellow squash,

spinash, tomatoes and nopalitos, covered in a spicy,

tomatillo salsa; served with mexican rice and sliced avocado 17

Sonoran Whole Wheat Burrito

large whole wheat tortilla stuffed with ropa vieja,

poblano chiles, refried black beans, mexican rice

and cotija cheese; topped with a salsa de chile de arbol 17

* served with mexican rice and black beans



our famous sizzling platter prepared in a traditional marinade

served with mexican rice, ranch beans, julienned vegetables,

fresh flour tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream

breast of chicken 18

hanger steak 19

jumbo shrimp 20

combination chicken & steak 18.50

combination chicken, steak & shrimp 21

mixed vegetable with brown rice 16

top your fajita with queso $1


Carne Ranchera * grilled hanger steak with an ancho-chile sauce 17

Pechugas Compuestas grilled chicken breast, squash, green chile and tomato in a creamy, basil sauce over corny arroz café 16

Salmon a la Parrilla * chile-dusted grilled salmon served with an

avocado and red onion salsa 19

Chile Relleño * poblano chile stuffed with vegetables and cotija cheese, with a fresh, tomato salsa; served with brown rice and black beans 16.50

Pollo Mole * breast of chicken topped with a black mole sauce typical of Puebla; served with stir-fried vegetables 16.50

Ropa Vieja * shredded braised beef with sliced onions, cactus, cilantro

and pickled jalepeños; served with corn tortillas 16.50

Camarones al Rajas de Vegetales jumbo & baby shrimp sauteed with julienned vegetables, chipotle and salsa ranchera tossed with fresh, corn linguini and topped with queso fundido 18.50

Chimichangas * two deep fried burritos

chicken and cheese 14.50

ground beef and cheese (topped with a creamy, chipotle sauce) 15.50

Chuletas de la Casa grilled, garlic-marinated pork chops served with

salad, brown rice, platanos maduros and a tomatillo, potato salsa 17.50

Pollo Gonzalez sliced chicken sauteed with spinach, tomatoes and

peppers in a basil ranchera sauce tossed with fresh, corn linguini 16

Arroz con Mariscos monkfish, calamari and shrimp sauteed with

tomatoes, zucchini and onions in a salsa ranchera over mexican rice 18

Pollo Frito * breaded chicken cutlet 16


Cal-Tex Whole Wheat Burritos *

mexican rice, black beans & three cheeses wrapped in a large whole wheat tortilla topped with salsa ranchera and served with guacamole, pico de gallo & sour cream

grilled chicken 15

sliced steak with creamy chipotle 16

baby shrimp 16.50

mixed vegetables with brown rice 14.25

Enchiladas Suizas *

two soft corn tortillas filled with chicken and cheese

and topped with a chilled, creamy, tomatillo salsa 16

Plato Vegetariano

a pinto bean, mushroom, spinash & corn burrito and a cheese

enchilada, together covered in mole sauce and queso fundido

served with stir-fried vegetables and brown rice 15

pollo asado burrito or enchilada *

two soft flour (burrito) or soft corn (enchilada) tortillas filled

with diced grilled chicken, three cheeses and salsa ranchera 16

Carne Asada Burrito or Enchilada *

diced grilled steak, three cheeses and salsa ranchera wrapped in

either two soft flour (burrito) or soft corn (enchilada) tortillas 17

Burrito Vegetariano

one large flour tortilla filled with zucchini, yellow squash,

corn, tomatoes, three cheeses & black beans

topped with salsa rachera and served with brown rice 14.50



gonzalez margarita (any flavor) 9 glass/38 pitcher

toronja margarita lunazul blanco, grapefruit juice 10

jamaica margarita cabo wabo blanco, agua de jamaica 12

el diablo hornitos reposado, cointreau, fresh lime, chile salt rim 12 glass/53 pitcher

ginger margarita cabrito reposado, canton ginger liqueur 12

pomerita cazadores blanco, pomegranate 12

28 ounce gonzalez margarita in a souvenir boot 20
margarita, mojito & caparinha flavors

blood orange guava lime peach mango passion fruit pear

pomegranate raspberry strawberry


gonzalez mojito donq rum (any flavor) 9

dark mojito mount gay eclipse 10

ginger mojito mekhong thai rum, canton ginger liquor 11

coconut mojito 9 mojito de sandia 9


gonzalez caparinha sagatiba pura cachaça (any flavor) 9

classic caparinha sagatiba velha aged cachaça 11

Specialty Drinks

honey deuce grey goose, lemonade, chambord 12

black mexican riazul silver and kahlua on the rocks 12

french samba sagatiba velha cachaça, grand marnier, oj, champagne 12

tropical spice absolut mango, passion fruit & mango purees, slices of jalapeño 10

fake blood riazul silver, cranberry juice, fresh lime 11

chilled latte patron xo café and horchata 10


apple, cosmopolitan, mango or watermelon 11

coconut martini with donq coco 11

ginger martini with canton ginger liqueur 12


red sangria 8 glass/32 pitcher

white sangria with lindemans moscato 8 glass/32 pitcher



blanco - un-aged or stored in stainless steel barrels for less than two months

lunazul 9

herradura 11

cazadores 12

riazul 12

cabo wabo 13

corralejo 14

patron 14

don julio 15

cuervo platino 17

reposado - rested two months to a year in oak barrels

jose cuervo 9

sauza hornitos 10

1800 11
cabrito 11

riazul 14

patron 15
corralejo triple

distilled 16

don julio 16

añejo - aged one to three years in oak barrels

riazul 15

corazon 16

patron 16

corralejo 17

don julio 17

add $1 to make a margarita with premium tequila

$1.50 to include grand marnier or cointreau in the margarita
Cerveza 6 domestic/7 imported

bud light


coors cutter non-alc

coors light

corona extra

bucket of 5 coronitas 20

corona light

dos equis amber & lager


heineken light

modelo especial

negra modelo


presidente 6

presidente light 6

bucket of 5 presidente 25



request a cerveza preparada at no extra charge:

chelada beer, salted glass with ice & lime juice

michelada beer, chelada with tabasco & worcestershire sauce

Cerveza de Barril 6 pint/19 pitcher

blue moon dos equis amber dos equis lager

negro modelo presidente light samuel adams seasonal ale
Red Wines

ozwell shiraz, australia 7/25

redwood creek merlot, ca 7.50/27

xplorador malbec, argentina 7.50/27

lindemans cabernet sauvignon, au 8/29

tapena tempranillo, spain 8.50/31

vallegarcía syrah, spain 9/33
Rose/White Wines

fetzer white zinfandel, ca 7/25

lindemans moscato, australia 7/25

santa marina pinot grigio, italy 7/25

rex goliath chardonnay, ca 7.50/27

la playa sauvignon blanc, chile 7.50/27

l.a. cetto chenin blanc, mexico 8.50/31

Adobe Mud Cake

two layers of dark chocolate

surround a milk chocolate mousse

on a chocolate graham cracker crust

served with a sweet cream sauce 6


Apple Chimichanga

stuffed with apples and cinnamon

topped with vanilla ice cream 6


bananas and chocolate  wrapped in a flour tortilla; fried and served with vanilla ice cream and kahlua sauce 6


fried semi-sweet pastry topped with vanilla ice cream and a kahlua sauce 6



served wih sautéed apples

and vanilla ice cream 6


traditional vanilla custard

baked with a pineapple wedge 5


three scoops of fruit sorbets 5

choose from mango, guava or coconut


mini wrap with chicken, cheese and lettuce 6
soft ground beef tacos with mexican rice 6
grilled chicken breast with mexican rice 6
mini cheese quesadillas 5
chicken fingers and papas fritas 6
soft chicken tacos with mexican rice 6
fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream or sorbet 4



horchata 3.50
agua de jamaica 3.50

jarrito mandarin or toronja 3

lambeth grove fresh lemonade 3

raspberry mint sparkler 3

guava soda 3
pomegranate limeade 3

unsweetened iced tea 3
flavored iced tea 3

iced coffee 3

flavors: blood orange, guava, lime, peach, mango,

passion fruit, pear, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry
virgin daquiri or piña colada any flavor 5

saratoga bottled water natural or sparkling 3

strawberry banana licuado strawberry, fresh banana, milk and oj 5

soda coca cola, diet coke, ginger ale, seltzer, sprite 3

juice cranberry, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, tomato 3


guacamole 4.50

sauteed spinach 4.50

grilled chorizo 5

papas fritas 2.75

arroz a la mexicana 2.75

brown rice 3.25

flour or corn tortillas 3/1.50

frijoles a la casa 2.50

frijoles negros 2.50

refried red beans 3.25

refried black beans 3.25

fresh avocado slices 2.50

pico de gallo 1.50

three cheeses 1

fresh jalapeño 1

pickled jalapeño 1

sour cream .75

an 18% gratuity is added to tables with 6 or more persons

we offer free neighborhood delivery and off-premise catering

sundays – fridays 12-7pm; saturdays 12-9pm

$5 gonzalez margaritas & $3 pints of draft beer

mondays and tuesdays 10pm-12am

$6 quesadillas, margaritas, sangrias & well drinks

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