23rd Annual $2,500 Prize For the uw’s Best Rural Health Paper

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23rd Annual $2,500 Prize

For the UW’s Best

Rural Health Paper

Given by the Hermes Monato, Jr. Memorial Fund

Write on a rural health topic for a regular class

and submit a copy as an entry by June 1st.
The Essay Prize, established in 1993, is open to anyone who has been a student at the University of Wisconsin within the preceding year (all campuses, programs, graduate, under graduate, part-time, non-degree included.) The competition was established to honor the memory of Hermes Monato, Jr., a December 1990 graduate, as well as to highlight the importance of rural health. Hermes worked at the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) for only a few years but his infectious spirit and creative mind left rural health an enduring legacy.
The writer of the winning essay will receive a check for $2,500 paid from a trust fund established at the University by RWHC, family and friends of Hermes. The winning essay will be about rural health with some of the following attributes:
• relevant to rural communities


• practical


• improves quality of care

• team/relationship oriented

• applicability to networking, cooperatives
There are no rigid requirements for the length, format, etc. To date, winning papers have ranged from first person essays to formal "journal ready" articles. Please note that papers already written for a class or other purposes during the previous twelve months are also eligible for this competition. “Papers with an international theme are welcome but only if that theme is used to provide insight on U.S. rural health care or policy.”
All entries (no copies needed) must be submitted by June 1st c/o Monica Seiler, RWHC, 880 Independence Lane, Sauk City, Wisconsin 53583 or electronically to . Please include the writer's name, contact information (address, email, phone), academic program and expected date of graduation on a separate cover sheet. Info re past winners is available at <www.rwhc.com>.
The Review Committee, comprised of UW and RWHC representatives,reserves the right to not award the Prize in any given year.

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