2015 Townsend Curbside Trash & Recycling Schedule

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2015 Townsend Curbside Trash & Recycling Schedule

 Trash and Recycling Week

Paper & Containers, Separated

Trash Only Week

Trash and Recycling Week

Paper & Containers, Separated

Trash Only Week

Dec 30 – Jan 2*

Jan 6 – Jan 9

Jan 12 – Jan 16

Jan 20 – Jan 23

Jan 27 – Jan 30

Feb 3 – Feb 6 **

Feb 10 – Feb 13

Feb 17 – Feb 20

Feb 24 – Feb 27

March 3 – March 6 **

March 9 – March 13

March 17 – March 20 **

March 24 – March 27

March 31 – April 3 **

April 7 – April 10 **

April 14 – April 17 **

April 21 – April 24 **

April 28 – May 1 **

May 5 – May 8 **

May 12 – May 15 **

May 19 – May 22 **

May 26 – May 29

June 2 – June 5 **

June 9 – June 12

June 16 – June 19 **

June 23 – June 26

June 30 – July 3

** Recycle Center Open Saturday 7am-2pm

 * INDICATES TRASH WILL BE DELAYED ON A MAJOR HOLIDAY BY ONE DAY. (Tuesday will be Wednesday; Wednesday Thursday; Thursday Friday and Friday a Saturday pickup)


TRASH: There is a 64-gallon trash bag limit February 1, 2015 for curbside. Recycling saves money; recycle as much as you can! Recycling is Mandatory in our town.  Acceptable trash: Two (2) 32-gallon bags/barrels, or One (1) bag/barrel NOT TO EXCEED 64gallons. Overflow bags can be obtained at McNabb’s Pharmacy, Townsend Memorial Hall, Townsend Recycling Center and the Red Brick Store for $2.00/bag in packages of five (5).

CURBSIDE PICK-UP DOES NOT INCLUDE YARD WASTE. THE RECYCLING CENTER can take your leaves and debris smaller than 6” diameter (Townsend residents ONLY); electronics, metal, mattresses, carpet, TV’s, tires and furniture. Etc. for a nominal fee for residents, non-residents and businesses.

RECYCLING: Paper: All recyclable paper (clean and dry). Yes: newspaper, mixed paper (magazines, food boxes, junk mail, catalogs, phone books), corrugated paper bags. NO soiled items (used paper plates, tissues, paper towels, greasy pizza boxes). NO cloth, NO plastic bags, fabric handles, hardcover books, NO Styrofoam NO sample products or junk-mailed objects.

Containers: All recyclable co-mingled solid containers (empty and rinsed). Yes: Aluminum beverage cans, foil and food cans. Plastics #1-#7. Steel food cans. Glass includes clear and colored bottles & jars; labels & neck rings are okay; remove lids and corks. NO bulbs. NO pane glass. NO drinkware, dishware or cookware and especially NO Pyrex. NO motor oil containers. NO paint cans, spray cans, scrap metal. Take scrap metal to Recycling Center.

Plastic Bag Recycling
Plastic bags and films can only be recycled in specially marked bins in stores – not in curbside recycling bins. Local stores with bins in their lobby: Price Chopper, Shaws, Stop and Shop, Target, Walmart and Wegmans. When you drop the bags in the store bins, turn the bags inside out to ensure they are empty, dry and clean.



  • Plastic bags get caught in recycling machinery causing worker safety hazards.

  • Plastic bags can easily blow out of your recycling bin becoming litter, entering waterways, becoming tangled in trees, and harming wildlife.



  • Only certain types of plastic bags are recyclable. If you put a bag from the NO list it can contaminate the whole batch and it must be discarded

DO NOT include the following:

NO food or cling wrap.

NO prepackaged food bags.

NO frozen food bags or prewashed salad bags.

NO painted film or excessive glue.

NO biodegradable bags.

NO heavy-duty bags from wood stove pellets, soil & sand.

NO chip bags, candy or granola type.


Bring your own reusable bags to the store. They are often stronger and more durable than the flimsy plastic. Wash the bags out occasionally.

Re-use grocery store bags as garbage can liners or to collect pet waste.
Bet you didn’t know that many bags are recycled into composite lumber such as Trex.
You can knit or crochet with plastic bags. Lou in Western Mass. makes some great recycled bags. Check out her products and ideas at www.lousupcycles.com. For more about plastic bag recycling, visit www.plasticbagrecycling.org

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